Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Royal Enfield tidings of comfort and joy from Bunty

"Merry Christmas Bulleteers!"
Royal Enfield owners got their Christmas present Monday when "A Royal Enfield Carol" arrived from Maj. Bertram "Bunty" Golightly.

To be sung to the tune of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen," Bunty's lyrics celebrate the events of the past year, including the introduction of the new Continental GT.

(To the Good Major's eye, the new cafe racer just won't do for hauling his sidecar rig from manor to pub and back.)

While Bunty himself is likely the fictional creation of some very clever Royal Enfield fan, the events he references are real. I was delighted to find my own Continental GT ride included for comment:

Old Blasco went to London town,

       An Enfield to test ride,

And at the Ace of Cafes

       A bright red "Conti" spied,

He wobbled down to Brighton,

       So slow we almost cried,

Oh bloggings of Comfort and Joy,

Comfort and Joy,

Oh bloggings of Comfort and Joy.

I won't spoil it by quoting more. Bunty posted the full song on the Royal Enfield (post #76954) and Bullet-Mania (post #31588) Yahoo message groups. Check it out.

It's all in good cheer. Bunty closes with:

Merry Christmas Bulleteers!

I raise me glass to ye.

Tally Ho Ho Ho !

Yours etc


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