Friday, December 27, 2013

Royal Enfield blasts across desert in cell phone ad

This Royal Enfield is blasting across a desert to sell cell phone service.
A raging Royal Enfield Bullet appears for just a flash in this evocative commercial for a South African cell phone service.

But it's worth watching because, by the time the Royal Enfield appears, you're so pumped up on poetry and inspiring images that the motorcycle is the perfect touch. The motorcycle appears to be a late model ES with cafe racer modifications.

Thanks to @royalenfieldsa on Twitter for pointing it out.

"This ad aims to showcase the way in which all our lives are richer because of the way we can now connect, or unplug, anywhere, any time, and share those moments with whoever we choose," writes Ogilvy South Africa, who posted the ad on Vimeo.

The ad was produced by Picture Tree. Director of photography was Werner Maritz. Take a look:

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