Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Walking tour finds remains of Royal Enfield

In his blog My Royal Enfields, Jorge Pullin takes a walking tour of the surprisingly extensive remains of the Royal Enfield motorcycle factory in Redditch, England. In an exhaustive post, he compares historical photos of the birthplace of Royal Enfield with his own modern photographs.

Pullin, a university professor in the United States, has long conducted a sort of "aerial survey" of Royal Enfield sites in England, with the aid of Google Earth. Now, on foot, he was able to discover that some of the conclusions he came to while at the computer do indeed stand up on the ground.

He answered the question of how a Royal Enfield sign could still be visible on the rooftop of a factory out of the motorcycle business for 40 years.

But mysteries remain. Chief among those must be what is to happen to the somewhat derelict buildings he found. It's a fascinating post. Check it out.

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