Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Royal Enfield custom triumphs over rules

Creativity doesn't always result from boundless freedom. In an earlier post we looked at the cool motorcycle Vell in Singapore created from a stock Royal Enfield Military model. Olive drab! What a starting point for a custom motorcycle. Vell was also up against tough rules in Singapore that forbid radical changes to the frame. Yet look what he accomplished.

The picture above gives us a better look at his radical, yet comfy looking custom seat. That's outstanding, but notice the powerful effect he got by simply painting the motor and primary black instead of the olive drab of the rest of the motorcycle. The result doesn't depart from the uniform appearance of the Military. In fact, it goes it one better by introducing a real vintage touch.

Vell then returns to cool by adding the low mounted carrier for his pocket PC. (WRONG! I'm now told the silver box alongside the horn in the photo above is an electronic toll device, required in Singapore. See comments below).


  1. Anonymous7/30/2009

    Great build. Great article.
    I dont understand what you meant by 'low mounted carrier for his pocket.' Am I missing something?

  2. Anonymous7/30/2009

    *pocket pc

  3. I was afraid it might be hard to see. And I might even be wrong about what it is. But if you look at the top picture, just behind the front wheel near the horn we see a shiny, rectangular box. I assume it is a holster for a phone or Blackberry type device. Vell, correct me if I am wrong.

  4. Anonymous7/30/2009

    David you are mistaken. That box is some sort of Electronic toll collection devise that is required in singapore for all major roads. I can not remember the exact name of it.

  5. THANK YOU! I have corrected the error.

  6. How can I get the custom swing arm?

  7. Anonymous11/16/2011

    Nice work. Try placing the classic seat and also change the rear fender to a flat one. Am sure it ll do better

  8. Very nice bike, the modifications are quite simple but amazingly efficient ! Any news about Vell since 2009 ?


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