Monday, July 27, 2009

He'll trade a Royal Enfield for $1 and a truck

Here's a guy who will trade you his cool looking Royal Enfield motorcycle for $1 and a pickup truck. That's the offer made by a seller in Columbus, Ohio, who has been advertising the Royal Enfield Bullet on CraigsList for $1,600. But what he really wants is a truck.

A truck? Sounds as if someone's dream died, doesn't it? But it's not quite that sad, it turns out.

His Royal Enfield Bullet caught my eye because of its flat-black paint job and hard-tail modification. (The seller explains that the shock absorbers were replaced with struts to accomplish that; it would be easy to change back to having a functional rear suspension. Clever.)

"This is a great bike. It's a 2002 Royal Enfield Bullet, 500cc. Runs and idles strong. It needs a solenoid, which is cheap, so it takes a few kicks in the morning right now, but it's a first kick once it's hot. It's also an electric start but, you know, the solenoid thing....

"I have owned a lot of vintage bikes and scooters and this thing gets more attention than all of them put together. Seriously, every traffic light the guy next to you will ask you what it is, and every time you park it on the street groups of people will gather around it. It's only got 6,000 miles on it!

"I want a nice pick-up truck as a work/commuter. I own a shop and I am always renting trucks to move fixtures and I am also renovating a house right now. The lower the miles the more interested I am. Would prefer a Toyota/Mazda/Nissan but would take a nice Ford or Chevy."

The seller isn't giving up on two-wheelers completely. He notes:

"I am also looking for a really small (100-200cc) CB project bike, so in a perfect world you give me a small great pick-up truck and a busted CB125 for the Enfield. I would also put some cash into the deal for the right truck."

Hopefully, his dreams will come true.

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