Monday, December 4, 2017

A Royal Enfield motorcycle offers inspiration to kids

This Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 500 is a work of art.
As an adult, I can think of all kinds of great reasons to put a Royal Enfield motorcycle in a children's art museum.

If you sell motorcycles, you'd want children to accept motorcycles as fun and non-threatening parts of their environment. Motorcycles, especially Royal Enfield motorcycles, should be exciting and creative elements in the futures children imagine for themselves.

This whimsically painted  Royal Enfield motorcycle certainly fulfills that mission. It's on display as part of an eye-opening exhibit at the Young At Art children's art museum in Davie, Fla. until April 21, 2018.

What child would not love the "face" of a Royal Enfield?
"Royal Enfield commissioned a motorcycle to be painted by Milagros to be part of their immersive installation in our Knight Gallery," advised Amanda Covach, visitor services manager at the museum.

"We are just waiting for the artists to place it into the space, which I believe will happen sometime soon; in the meantime it is just outside the exhibit," she wrote in an email.

Would the paint scheme make it a bit hard to concentrate on the instruments?
It's easy to imagine some of the issues that must arise putting a motorcycle in a hands-on children's art museum. It's really not a playground toy.

We'll see what the kids make of the Royal Enfield once it comes out from behind the rope barriers that protected it in the hallway where it was when I saw it.

But even in the hall, the child in me quite liked it!

Inside the exhibit it's possible to lose yourself.
A Royal Enfield painted like this should be invisible to radar.
Somehow this paint theme makes the fender stays more prominent.
The Royal Enfield motorcycle was roped off under glass when I visited.

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