Thursday, December 7, 2017

A Royal Enfield is suspended for Art Basel, Miami Beach

"Odysseus" is a Royal Enfield motorcycle suspended in a transparent diamond shape.
Royal Enfield's "Art of the Motorcycle" exhibits during Art Basel in Miami and Miami Beach this coming weekend caught me with  plans to be out of town. So, although I live only an hour away, I had to jump the gun a little to see them.

Literally the hardest to see was "Odysseus" by Miami sculptor Brookhart Jonquil, on display in the atrium of The Betsy-South Beach Hotel, 1440 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach, until Dec. 10.

It's described as "a Royal Enfield motorcycle hung within a mirrored, crystal-shaped structure."

Is the riderless motorcycle somehow menacing?
Jonquil's work is almost architectural, featuring triangular forms that are transparent and light but immensely strong looking.

The Royal Enfield hung vertically inside an almost diamond shape appears simultaneously precarious and yet secure. It isn't going anywhere, although its headlight and pilot lights are aglow.

"It looks like a Christmas ornament," my wife suggested.

Seen at night, the "crystal" reflects and multiplies the Royal Enfield.
According to the press release, Jonquil describes Odysseus as, “suspended vertically in an infinite and immaterial space, the motorcycle’s travel across land is transformed into the endless metaphysical journey.”

OK. Unfortunately, the direct Florida sun made it difficult to see into. I went back to see it at night.

The Royal Enfield seems like a creature embedded in amber.
The same sort of thing had happened when I went to view the Royal Enfield painted by the collaborative artistic duo The Milagros Collective, at the Young At Art Museum, 751 SW 121st Ave., Davie, Fla.

In that case the Royal Enfield was still in a hallway, waiting to be moved into the exhibit space. I'll have to go back to see it in its full glory.

There are two other Royal Enfield sponsored art events to see during Art Basel.

Artist Alexander Mijares has painted a Royal Enfield motorcycle for exhibit at the Imperial Moto Cafe, 7299 NW Second Ave., Miami. It will be displayed until Dec. 31.

The Milagros Collective’s second contribution to The Art of the Motorcycle is an installation at Made at the Citadel, 8325 NE Second Ave., Miami. The work will be unveiled on  Thursday, Dec. 7 and then  moved to Walt Grace Vintage, 2450 NW Second Ave., Wynwood, an art gallery and vintage luxury car showroom, until Dec. 31.

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