Friday, December 1, 2017

Royal Enfield asks show-goers to pick colors for 650 twins

Royal Enfield may offer a chrome tank for its new 650 twins.
When Royal Enfield introduced the new Interceptor 650 twin and Continental GT 650 twin in Italy, it indicated that three colors would be available for each of the twins.

But by the time the motorcycles reach the United States, in 2018, there may be others, including  versions with chrome tanks.

Visitors to the Royal Enfield display at U.S. motorcycle shows are invited to enter a contest to win a Royal Enfiled Himalayn adventure bike.

As they do so, they are being shown a selection of colors for the 650 twins and are asked to choose two favorites for each motorcycle. (The names for the colors are subject to change, so don't focus on them too much.)

Pick your two favorites: suggested colors for the Interceptor 650 twin.
For the Interceptor 650 the color choices are, Silver Spectre, Mark Three (black), Orange Crush, Baker Express (white/orange), Ravishing Red (red/black), and Glitter and Dust (chrome).

Pick your two favorites: suggested colors for Continental GT 650 twin.
For the Continental GT 650 the color choices are Black Magic, Sea Nymph (blue), Ice Queen (white), Dr. Mayhem (ash), and Mister Clean (white).

An Interceptor 650 with chrome tank was shown at the International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, Calif. this month. In India, chrome tanks were shown on both the Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650.

In recent years Royal Enfield has shown a deft hand with the color palate, making near identical Royal Enfield Classic 500 models look distinctive through color alone. I expect we'll like what we see when the 650 twins do arrive in America.


  1. David, I believe I'm getting a little cynical. We don't know that we're helping choose a color. They could all be determined already. We do know that for the cost of a Himalayan, RE has managed to get still another mention on your page and lord knows where else. When is news not news at all?

    1. Fair enough. But understand that I flew 5,000 miles to and from Long Beach on my own dime to see the new twins so I am going to wring all the blog items I can out of it! (I think this is probably the final one.)

  2. David, I do understand that, and I would do the same as you have done. I'm disgusted at how much coverage the bike makers get that add nothing to what we know. How many thousands of words have I read about the Himalayan? Have I ever seen one? Will I ever see one? How much PR mileage have Triumph got because they changed the color of the Bobber? How many photos of that Guzzi adventure bike have we seen? Does the Guzzi exist? Can we buy one? What's all this ABOUT?

    1. Anonymous12/04/2017

      Hey Maynard--settle down. I agree with a lot of what you say but it took them nearly 50 years to get this far. The Himalayan needs color schemes and the 650 GT needs that tailpiece redesigned so it doesn't look like an afterthought. The Interceptor needs new panel badging for the North American market since Honda owns the name "Interceptor." (this is why it is smart to protect trademarks) So when something you like shows up on a dealer's floor, get out your wallet and hope like hell it IS what you wanted.


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