Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Royal Enfield twin makes this Bullet go like a Meteor

Here's a Royal Enfield Bullet with a difference: a big twin motor.
Is there a Royal Enfield Bullet rider who has not wished for more power?

Of course not.

One solution — a 1993 Bullet fitted with a 700cc Royal Enfield Meteor motor — turned up on eBay in the UK in 2010. It put the power of England's big twin of the 1950s into the frame of India's ubiquitous Bullet.

"I don't want somebody saying that it's not original," the seller noted, "because I already know it's not original, thanks."

The motorcycle found a buyer, who contacted me recently to say how much he's enjoying it.

"Yes you can wind the throttle that extra bit and the grin goes from ear to ear especially when you keep up with some of the bigger Japanese stuff!" wrote David, a Staffordshire resident.

Meteor motor of the 1950s in a 1993 Bullet.
After a rebuild the motorcycle looks very different than it did in 2010. To my eye, if anything, it is better camouflaged than ever.

"It now has parts starting from 1953 right through to 2015 (60 years)!" David wrote. Let him tell it:

"It all started many years ago with two postcards, one of a Sunbeam S8 (my late father's bike) and a Royal Enfield Meteor (the bike I wanted). Sixteen years later I have that bike and I still have those postcards!

Postcards purchased back in 1997 provided the inspiration.
"Well she went back on the road after many hours of work rebuilding and modifying certain items to bring her up to date a little. After the engine rebuild, which went very well, I set to work on the electrics. The old two-wire alternator was replaced with a four-wire dual output 12-volt type and the loom modified to run the main headlight directly. This works well and no more flat battery after a good night run.

"The original carb that was fitted was junk so a brand new Amal 389 carburettor was fitted. This carb is the largest Amal that will fit in the area due to the frame design and it is a tight fit!

"Wheels replaced for standard Bullet type and a new set of Dunlop K81 tires fitted.

"Cosmetics changes include mudguards, tank and seat. The look of a Meteor that could have been rolling off the production line a couple of weeks ago was what I wanted.

The look is of a more muscular Bullet.
"...Now onto the riding. Have you ever found a Royal Enfield that starts first kick? I have! This engine since rebuilding has started first time every time, and will tick over smoothly until I’m ready to go.

"Performance is not an issue; smooth acceleration and gear change at the right time makes a pleasant ride and a good turn of speed....

"Overall this Meteor is built to my own personal taste and I think the 1950s style with that modern touch works well.

"Would I take on another project like this? Yes, it's already in the planning stage and 2017 may see another twin Royal Enfield back on the road."

The same motorcycle as it looked in 2010.


  1. Anonymous5/03/2016

    If David can do this why can't the factory? Also, I sure hope David believes in the power of prayer because those drum brakes need all the help they could get with that twin running the show.

  2. Beautiful Motorcycle. Just beautiful!

  3. clarkthespark5/04/2016

    That is very nice!

  4. It is my dream bike

  5. Anonymous5/30/2022

    Looking good. I've done a similar job using a 500 Meteor Minor engine into a 1991 Bullet rolling chassis. I made a new head steady, adapted a pair of BSA A10 exhausts and that was about it. It uses the same engine plates etc. You get the benefit of easily available cycle parts and an authentic Enfield twin engine.


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