Friday, May 6, 2016

Made you look: When a Royal Enfield ad is not

It's not a Royal Enfield. But I kind of like it.
This blog lists Royal Enfield motorcycles for sale in the United States. To keep it updated I check the ads I find online daily. But not every ad I come across in my searching is an ad for a Royal Enfield.

That's because some all-too-clever people add a long list of "keywords" to their advertisements. If these include "Royal Enfield," and many automotive ads do, this unrelated ad will show up in my search.

You might think I'd be pissed. Not usually.

I wasn't sure why I actually kind of enjoy this wild goose chase until one such prankster introduced his "keywords" this way:

"Some cool words that I am fond of and I bet you are too," he wrote.

His ad, on CraigsList in Hesperia, Calif., turned out to be for an unusual pedal tricycle. The thing itself is interesting, but the list of words is what caught my eye.

Yeah, they were kind of cool.

A real jerk would have just copied his list from someone else's ad, and that might be the case for most of his common choices, such as "Antique," "Harley Davidson" and "rat rod."

But this fellow offered a few choice words I really do like reading and thinking about: "dustbin racer," for instance. Are there really a lot of people out there looking for those?

Among the more than 100 words and phrases were some that surprised me even more. In fact, there were many I had to look up.

And some of these seemed to point squarely at the guy who did this to me. I'm onto you brother.

For instance, "thecabe" isn't even a word, but obviously refers to the website of The Classic & Antique Bicycle Exchange.

The web address "" refers to a website for powered bicycles.

Mentions of "Taylar Motorbikes" and "Taylar Cycles" point toward Tayor Motorbikes, creator of powered bicycles that are tributes to board track racers and other early motorcycles.

"Powell & Hanmer" refers to acetylene lamps that would have been used on carriages and early motor vehicles. Just the thing for your tribute motorbike.

I think we know who we're dealing with here.

The only thing that annoys me is the reference, right after "Royal Enfield," to "Flying Pea." You mean "Flying Flea," right?

At least it wasn't "Flying Pee." That would really have pissed me off.

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