Friday, November 21, 2014

Accessories improve look of Royal Enfield Bullet

Standard Royal Enfield Bullet is improved by subtle upgrades.
A 2001 Royal Enfield Bullet 500 for sale on eBay in Washington state is just about perfect.

Literally. It has only 50 miles on the odometer. The seller says he bought it only for display, kept it in his climate controlled home museum, and rode it only three times.

But that's not why I consider it "perfect." To my eye, this Bullet has been tastefully modified in ways I might have done myself, if I'd wanted to spend the money. The seller listed the changes made:

  • K&N air filter
  • Duck bill breather
  • Relocated horn
  • Chrome brake rod w/nut.
  • Chrome chain adjusters
  • Chrome rear wheel spacers
  • Chrome rear wheel hub cover
  • Bar-end mirrors
  • 350 front fender and fender stays
  • Re-jetted carb
  • Big tri-bar headlight and mounting ring
  • Removed turn indicators
  • Solo riding seat
  • Re-mounted electronics out of sight
  • More open muffler
  • Removed rear pegs

He doesn't even mention the tomb stone tail light fitted. While my own Bullet has the solo seat, I never got around to removing the passenger pegs. This man did, and it's a nice touch.

Clean look, but visible air filter looks too modern to my eyes.
I would have left the turn signals and the air filter box; the visible K&N filter looks too "modern" to me.

Note that although the electrics were relocated, the battery box remains, so there is no "see-through frame" effect anyway — so nothing would be lost by putting that K&N in the original air filter box.

Fuller 350 model front fender looks better than version on 500.
On the other hand, the switch to the better looking 350 front fender is subtle but effective. However, I wouldn't pay to replace a fender until I'm done denting the old one. That's the difference between cheap me and particular him.

Big headlight looks great.
Relocated horn is neat but why does it face down?
I think he got this one right.


  1. I agree that the 350 fender has a better look than the somewhat skimpy 500 version. I assume as you have mentioned it, that this bike is a 500?

    I am considering getting one for my 500.

    1. Yes, it's a 500. I will make sure that is in the article. Thanks!

  2. An inexpensive mod i'd do is to install one of Hitchcock's (
    EXHAUST PIPE ANGLED EXTENSION , either the 10 degree or 20
    upturn..cutting one end or both ends of the exhaust canister so that the overall length of the exhaust isn't increased.

  3. By the way, Hitchcocks is a pretty good source for custom parts for many other motorcycles..I've got several Hitchcocks pieces on My Kawasaki Vulcan.. including a 10 degree angled extension, with a 20 degree extension waiting to go on my Enfield, which sports a Goldstar-style exhaust also from Mr. H


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