Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ace performance boost for Royal Enfield twins

You're looking into left cylinder of a Royal Enfield twin maximized for performance.
Ace Performance Bullets sells the bits it takes to make the single-cylinder Royal Enfield Bullet go fast. Now Tom Lyons of Ace has built parts that could pull super performance from vintage Royal Enfield twins such as the Interceptor.

"I'm not sure if you are aware of it, but we have finished a very nice pair of modded cylinder heads for the vintage Royal Enfield twins," he wrote me.

"This particular pair was for an Indian Trailblazer, which is actually a RE Super Meteor sold in the U.S. under the 'Indian' label, but these mods will be suitable for any of the RE twins in the 700/750 range, including the Interceptor.

Custom roller rockers.
"This mod includes a very nice set of custom steel roller rockers which fit into the small rocker area in these heads, and a set of added custom adjustment ports in the heads for adjusting the lash at the top.

"As far as I am aware, this is the first time that a Royal Enfield twin has ever had high ratio roller rockers put into the heads, and I believe that these are the highest performance Enfield twin heads ever produced. They are absolute gems."

Lyons wrote me that an Interceptor in full-race tune with these heads would have a potential of 90 horsepower.

"Just like we did with the Enfield singles, this unlocks the key to power that Enfields have been lacking all these years," he wrote.

First Ace turned the dray horse Bullet into a Fireball.  It adapted those improvements to the Big Head, AVL and UCE motors. It offers to fit Fireball improvements to the Musket V-twin Bullet kit. It is developing a bolt-on head to power up the new Royal Enfield Continental GT.

Now Lyons offers a way to turn the 60-year-old Royal Enfield twin into a threat at Bonneville.

Yes, I do feel self-conscious about featuring Ace so often on this blog. But it seems to me Lyons is the fellow answering all the "what if" questions people ask about Royal Enfields.


  1. Anonymous12/26/2014

    Hi David, are these performance parts available for the brand new classic 500 that the Royal Enfield have recently started producing? If so, is there a contact in India who retails these products. Awaiting your reply and thanks a ton for such a great write up

    1. These are questions best posed directly to Ace on their Yahoo group.

      All best.


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