Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Buying a Royal Enfield when sellers give up the ship

The actual S.S. Albion Star circa 1948. (Photo: National Maritime Museum)
You'd like to believe that all sellers of used Royal Enfield motorcycles write honest ads on CraigsList. Reading between the lines, you sometimes wonder if there might be some creative license.

Perhaps something like this:

Radio transmission: "SS Albion, 30 miles out of Miami. Fair weather, calm seas. Engine at full speed."

Resulting ad on CraigsList: "For Sale. Flagship steamer. Just inspected. Low miles. Engine excellent. Never been down."

Radio transmission: "SS Albion here. Taking on water. Started pumps. Engine failing."

CraigsList ad: "For Sale. Freighter. Fresh registration in Panama. Runs and rides. Needs some TLC."

Radio transmission: "SS Albion. Barometer falling. Seas rising. Pumps unable to keep up. Engine stopped."

CraigsList ad: "For Sale. Tramp steamer. Clear title. Excellent shipyard project. Engine has compression."

Radio transmission: "SS Albion. SOS. Sinking. Exact position unknown. 20 souls on board and one tomcat."

CraigsList ad: "For Sale. Rust bucket. Bill of sale only. As is, where is."

Radio transmission: "SS Albion. Abandoning ship. Tomcat gave birth to 12 kittens."

CraigsList ad: "For Sale. Kittens."

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