Monday, December 2, 2013

Video captures excitement of Continental GT launch

Perhaps the dullest moment in an otherwise ripping new video!
The launch of the new Royal Enfield Continental GT in India Tuesday coincided with release of an exciting video dramatizing the international launch of the new cafe racer in the UK.

I found the video exciting even before I realized I was in it. If you don't blink you'll spot an interview with me conducted at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham.

I'm recorded gushing about the "graduate course in cafe racers" Royal Enfield conducted for visiting journalists.

In the video I mention Gordon May, author of six books on Royal Enfield, who conducted us to Royal Enfields on display in the museum.

But there were many others who contributed to our knowledge base. (More about that in this video.)

The entire launch was a fantastic experience, not least of it being the opportunity to actually ride the new Continental GT.

But the video captures the spirit of the motorcycle far better than I can explain it. Have a look:

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