Friday, December 6, 2013

Royal Enfield twin roars a Merry Christmas to all

A snowy ride on a chilly night on a 1958 Royal Enfield twin.
"It's An Enfield Christmas 2013" will get you in the holiday spirit.

It's a short video of a snowy evening outing on a vintage Royal Enfield, posted on YouTube by Scottie J, a member of the Royal Enfield USA Community Forum.

"I took this video on Dec. 4 at about 8 p.m. in Denver." he writes.

"We got about four inches of snow today and when I checked the weather after I took this video it said it was -4 degrees F. I guess I'm still a Wisconsin kid at heart. Merry Christmas everyone!"

His Royal Enfield sounds and looks great. It's described on the Forum as an Indian Trailblazer 746 twin. You can see the condensation blasting out of the mufflers as it revs.

Scottie's motto is: "Yeah, I know it's old. Wanna race?!"

"You can't really tell from the video, but my neighbors on the second floor who ride heard me making racket so they came out on the balcony and were cheering me on," Scottie writes.

The can of Pabst Blue Ribbon on the work bench might have provided some inspiration and holiday cheer.

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  1. Anonymous12/06/2013

    Well done Scottie! nothing sounds as good as an Enfield!


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