Friday, December 13, 2013

"Bunty" blames Gremlins for Bullet oil plug mystery

Who has been loosening the oil filler plug?
Nobody took me seriously when I complained that the gearbox oil filler plug on my Royal Enfield Bullet unscrewed itself — this after weeks of being jammed so tightly shut that I could not open it with my biggest wrench.

Don't you realize how much this bothers me? Huh? Huh? How can I sleep, knowing that my Royal Enfield is playing tricks on me?

Fortunately, solace on this real life dilemma has come at last. True, it's tongue in cheek.

Perhaps worse, it comes from someone who is undoubtedly themselves purely fictional: Maj. Bertram "Bunty" Golightly.

In a note to the Royal Enfield Yahoo group, Bunty writes:

Greetings Blasco, quite a conundrum eh what?

Unscrewing of filler plugs and similar jiggerypokery, has to be Gremlins, no doubt about it old chap.

Gremlins for sure, probably aged old grey haired Gremlins (suffering from Alzheimer's disease).

Florida is well known fer it don't yer know, they sneak through customs undetected in the luggage of absent minded old journalists.

Hang a little bell on the bike — there's good chap — and the Gremlin will bugger orf, or leave him a glass of port in the garage and he'll be happy to leave the bike alone. I have the servants leave a glass of port in the motor garage every night and we haven't had a Gremlin for 40 years by gad. (The glass is always empty every morning so we know the blighter is still about.)

Good hunting!

Your servant,

Maj. Bunty Golightly MBH, Defender of the Kickstart, Companion of the Royal Floatchamber, last of the great white Gremlin hunters

Doubt the Major I do not, and never would, but I wonder: if the motorcycle is in the garage and not moving, how is the bell to ring? I guess it's the port I need. Just the thing, in fact!


  1. re bell: you wouldn't want ton scare it off while the bike was still in the garage, because it'd just find it's way back to the bike.

  2. Ideally what happens his that it just jumps off onto a passing Harley or something modern.


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