Thursday, July 25, 2013

Royal Enfield's famous Thump: Can it be copied?

Can this strange device reproduce the sound of a Royal Enfield Bullet?
A young man in India created a strange looking modification to the exhaust of his Hero Honda motorcycle in an effort to mimic the famous "thump" sound of the Royal Enfield Bullet.

"My Hero Honda is like a Royal Enfield Bullet now," he boasted in a post on the India Study Channel forum.

The young man, who signs himself "Sun," attached a photo of his device, which appears to include a pie plate or reflector of some sort. It is attached to the silencer of his Hero Honda Splendor motorcycle, a 97cc single-cylinder that sells in India at the rate of a million a year.

Sun reported that his device modifies only the exterior of the silencer and will not cause increased back pressure on the engine.

Reactions from other members of the forum ranged from congratulations to suggestions that, should he want to ride with the sound of a Royal Enfield motorcycle, he should simply ride a Royal Enfield motorcycle.

Surprisingly, no one asked him to upload a sound file or video proving that he had achieved the results he claimed.



    1. Yeah, when I was a kid I clamped a baseball card to my bicycle so the spokes hit it. It really did work.


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