Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Musket V-twin Royal Enfield heads for production

A Royal Enfield with twice the motor?
A limited production V-twin for the Royal Enfield Bullet is closer than ever, advises Aniket Vardhan, of Columbus, Ohio,  in a recent update on his 998cc Musket project.

The update appeared on the Royal Enfield Yahoo Group. Its members include potential customers hoping to get in line to buy a V-twin kit that Aniket says will turn a Bullet into "an absolute beast."

He invited anyone interested to contact him through the group, with questions or feedback.

"In about a week, my first production batch (around five engines) will begin; the new patterns are at the foundry," he wrote.

The rest of his message provided a capsule history of the project:

"Some of you might remember the 700cc Musket V-twin completed in 2009... I've spent the last three years completely redesigning the concept from the point of view of a practical bottom end kit available to riders. All new patterns, castings and machining on the new prototype were completed a few months ago and it has now done 1,500 miles...

"The V angle is now a more compact and 'classic' 59 degrees versus the wider 70 degrees of the 700. This resulted in a more compact engine that is much simpler to install in the frame...

"The oil filter is now the paper element Enfield UCE one, freely available. The filter housing is now incorporated into the timing cover casting as opposed to the exposed housing with additional oil lines...

"The ignition housing is now formed into the timing cover apex...

"Last but not least, the new design allows either 350 or 500 top ends to be chosen by the rider for a 700 or 1,000cc engine. The 700 with its much lighter pistons is a smooth, mellow and understressed option. BUT the new 998 is an absolute beast. I have to say, the pull of that thing the first time I opened it up was a bit scary!"

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