Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Royal Enfield chopper has been around the block twice

This chopped 1968 Royal Enfield Interceptor  has a story to tell.
The "best of the best" Royal Enfield chopper featured here recently has even more to it than meets the eye. Its owner, Keith, ought to know. He has owned it twice. Here's his story:

"I am the owner of the Enfield chopper featured above. First, I would like to say Thank You for liking my ol' bike enough to show her off on your blog. Second, if anyone has a few minutes, I would like to bore you all with the story of my history with this fantastic machine

" The thing that makes it at all interesting is that I have owned her twice! That's right! Twice.

"I originally purchased her from an older gentleman in Cooperstown, N.Y. about 12 or 13 years ago. He too loved this bike, but had become a little too 'worse for wear' to be riding a hard tail. He said he purchased the bike in the early '80s, as it still is, from a friend of his who was a mechanic/chopper builder, and who was responsible for making this beauty back around the mid '70s.

"So when I got her, I brought her home and she shared the garage with my '63 Triumph Bonneville 650 and '67 GTO. And I rode them both equally for about two or three years. But always seemed to have problems with that Bonneville and kept having to bring it back to the local Triumph Guy to get tweaked; but he must not have been a very good mechanic, because just like a Trident I brought there many times in the past, he still just couldn't get it right. He had no problems charging top dollar though.

"Anyway, frustrated with British Iron in general because of it, I decided to sell both bikes and get a Harley. So I did. I even sold the '67 Goat to get a '69. Well, that was that. Or so I thought.

"But only after about a year or so, I started thinking about the old Enfield chopper. I thought: 'It ran great!' 'Started right up!' 'Was sooo powerful!' 'Was a total blast to ride!' 'Why did I sell it?' And I didn't have a good answer!

"Now I was sorry I sold it, and I wanted it back! And I have Never wanted anything back that I had sold before. So the search was on. I searched and I searched. I made calls all over the place. For about three or four years I looked everywhere. To no avail. It was gone. Period.

"Then one day in June of 2006, I just so happened to look on eBay as I often do, just to poke around and see what's out there. I usually only go through a page or two before logging off, mostly because I have a short attention span and get bored.

"But not that day. For some reason, I pressed on. And there, halfway down the middle of the third page, my eyes were instantly drawn to this tiny pic. Could it be? Nooooo! Clicked on the ad. Yessss! There it was in all its glory!

"I yelled to my wife 'It'ssss Baaaaaaaack!' Because I knew I was winning that auction no matter what.

"It turns out, it was only three hours away the whole time, down it Brooklyn, N.Y. So, I made the trek down there from Albany and brought her Home. And swore I'd never sell her again.

"Well, fast forward to present day. And now, I'm that older gentleman, who realizes he's getting a little too 'worse for wear' to be riding a hard tail. So here she is again: searching for that person who will care for her as much as I have for many years to come.

"Thanks for reading my story. Anyone interested in purchasing this great old piece of history, Call Keith at  (518)469-6978 and please leave a message. I can't always answer my phone because of my work. And feel free to make an offer. She has to go, and deserves to be ridden."

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  1. The way these things somebody will buy it who wants to 'restore it"
    -but I hope not.


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