Friday, May 17, 2013

Old Empire Motorcycles alters the look of Royal Enfield

The "Fox" is a new Royal Enfield custom from Old Empire Motorcycles.
This photograph is a teaser: a first look at the "Fox," a Royal Enfield-based custom from the creative minds at Old Empire Motorcycles in Norfolk, England.

OEM's Alec Sharp provided it. He promised that the Fox be true to the company's standards and, what's more, will be "the first to incorporate parts which we are hoping to make separately and even staged kits to turn your standard Enfield into something with similar lines."

I very much liked Old Empire Motorcycles' original, Royal Enfield based "Pup," a light and lithe looking little bobber.

Lately, OEM has received much attention for their "EFI," built around a Royal Enfield G5 for a customer who wanted a "chunky" motorcycle. He certainly got it.

The EFI: The word is "imposing."
In photographs, the EFI looks as light and lithe as the Chrysler building. Many approved. I was just stunned, surprised to see a modified Harley Davidson tank, forward riding position, chubby tires and radically minimal fenders.

Then, looking through the photo gallery of the EFI offered by the BikeEXIF site, I spotted a remarkable shot that showed a human next to the EFI. Chunky, yes, but it also looks pocket sized, for while its tires and wheels are wider than stock, they are also smaller in diameter.

But wait! At human scale it looks as handy as a Swiss Army Knife.
At this comforting scale, the EFI strikes me as a more pleasing prospect: sold, self-assured, every hair in place, yet formidable. More Superman than Incredible Hulk.

OEM's motto is "...handmade motorcycles, parts and attire. Inspired by life to make a stand for what Great Britain has forever stood for: Excellence in innovation, quality and style."

I can't wait to see the rest of the Fox. What can we learn from the teaser picture? Well, I think I see the iconic nacelle still in place.

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