Monday, May 13, 2013

Royal Enfield Interceptor makes Mariah Carey #Beautiful

Mariah Carey and this Royal Enfield Interceptor are both beautiful.
A beautiful Royal Enfield Interceptor co-stars in Mariah Carey's music video for her new song "#Beautiful." The motorcycle is best viewed with the video stopped, since the real focus is on the beauty of Mariah Carey.

Carey is constantly in motion, but having the motorcycle between her legs seems to have limited her to only a few moves, which she repeats over and over. She tosses her long hair about a lot — an actual motorcycle ride would have tied it into knots.

I'm not a qualified music or video critic, but I agree with this YouTube comment from Alybutterfly80:

"Maybe it's too focused on the body of Mariah: yes, she looks gorgeous, but in my opinion it's all too repetitive and in the video there aren't a story or a small plot..."

The gorgeous Interceptor got attention from the Royal Enfield Yahoo Interceptor group, and this bright suggestion from member Craig Hostetter:

"Invite Mariah to the Interceptor Rally!"

The best comment, though, came from member Bobby B:

"I will stand by my likes for a bike with long legs, big jugs and a nice sound. Mariah is OK too."

Here's the video:

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  1. I think she once made an entire movie like that. It was called "Glitter". No, I never saw it, but her goal with everything seems to be camera time. If she uses a camera on her smart phone, I bet it's always to take "selfies".


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