Saturday, May 18, 2013

Help! 1958 Royal Enfield needs point breaker arm

Can you help track down this part?
Last year Dennis Morgan, of Junction City, Ore., was the lucky buyer of a peculiar Royal Enfield product: an Indian Lance motorcycle built by Royal Enfield in 1958, with only 1,361 miles showing.

Now he needs a small part for his like new 55-year-old motorcycle.

Needed is a point breaker arm (the points are manufactured by Miller, he writes). Dennis has tried Hitchcocks in England with no luck. Is there someone else out there who can help? Contact Dennis at

The Indian Lance dates from 1955-1960, when the Indian nameplate was owned by Brockhouse Engineering of England. They imported nearly all the Royal Enfiled models to the United States to be sold as Indians.

One especially interesting model of the day was the Royal Enfield Ensign, a descendant of the Flying Flea that had been air-dropped to British troops during World War II. The Ensign looked much more substantial than the Flea. Telehydraulic front suspension replaced the Flea's girder forks sprung with rubber bands.

Indian renamed the Ensign "Lance" for the U.S.

The Lance was a 148cc two-stroke, with only three gears in the transmission.

1958 Indian Lance.

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