Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Royal Enfields on display at Moscow motorcycle show

Excuse me, guys, we're over here.
What lots of leggy young women find of interest in Royal Enfield motorcycles is the obvious question raised in this YouTube video of the 2013 Moto Park show in Moscow March 1-3.

The well-done video gives us an exciting look at the current Royal Enfield models, with a side dish of attractive Russian models. They're all far better put together than the average Ural.

The video must have been made during the press preview because absolutely no one seems to pay any attention to anything besides the motorcycles. All in the course of business, of course.

But, jeez, fellows. The point of the Royal Enfield motorcycles on display is that they look exactly like they did in 1951.

The 20-something accessories on display deserve some attention, don't they? Here's the video. Leave a comment to let me know if you agree:

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