Saturday, March 16, 2013

Royal Enfield stolen; video shows thieves at work

Thieves can easily break the motorcycle handlebar lock.
There's a remarkable surveillance camera video of a Royal Enfield C5 being stolen by two thieves from a parking space in South Delhi, India.

The video shows just how easy it is to break the handlebar lock — the only device I typically use to protect my Bullet when it is outside of my garage.

Snap! And it's gone.

Remarkably, one of the thieves then takes several minutes to leisurely hotwire the motorcycle. He seems to know what he's doing but doesn't want to make a production of it, pausing frequently to look innocent.

The same two, apparently, escaping with the Royal Enfield.
The video closes with a second scene from another camera of the same two (apparently) riding off, one of them on the Royal Enfield, the other on another motorcycle.

Hollywood could not have better staged managed this "Gone in Seven Minutes" move.

If you're in India, watch for a maroon Royal Enfield Classic 500CC with engine and chassis numbers 003316. Contact Vinod Solanki

Regardless of where you are: beware. Here's the complete video:

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