Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nearly scrapped, 1968 Interceptor is running strong

Nearly scrapped, this Royal Enfield Interceptor is now running
A 1968 Royal Enfield Interceptor rescued on its way to a recycling yard is roaring back to life.

Charles Giordano paid $150 for the classic and powerful twin-cylinder motorcycle and pulled it out from under scrap in the back of a pick-up truck Feb. 20. He didn't even know what he had, just that it was a Royal Enfield.

The Interceptor as found, on Feb. 20, 2013.
Giordano owns motorcycle exhaust companies, including Von Braun Exhaust in Massachusetts. They've just posted a delightful YouTube video of the rescued Interceptor coming to life.

It Lives!

It was a near miss for this Royal Enfield, but it seems to have fallen into good hands. The short, fun video, by Bella Giordano, is well worth watching.


  1. scooter3/22/2013

    cool, hard to believe it runs after seeing what it looked like.

  2. The photo of the way it was found reminded me of my '67 1A when I first saw it. I paid $300 for mine, which was awful looking but almost completely original. It took me 3 or 4 months to get mine to where it could start. David can you post a link to my story? Al Eckstadt.

    1. Thanks Al, will do. For another story of an Interceptor found in a barn and rescued for an amazing price, see Al's story.


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