Thursday, May 10, 2012

Royal Enfield's C5 Special looks battle ready

Battle Green C5 Special with camouflaged friend.
This blog lists Royal Enfields for sale in the United States. I don't usually list new Royal Enfield motorcycles for sale at dealers. I figure you know that the dealers have motorcycles to sell.

But I couldn't resist showing you this CraigsList ad for one of the new C5 Specials, for sale at Mike's Cycle & Marine in Waynesboro, Tenn.

The 2012 Battle Green C5 is posed in front of a camouflaged pick up truck, just the right background for this Military style motorcycle.

The ad goes on to praise the advantages of the new C5 Special, including the larger, 19-inch front wheel and revised fork that improve handling. Seating position is a bit higher for the tall rider.

One claim I have to smile at is "the fact that Enfields are getting 80 mpg! Try that on a hybrid car. With gas prices rising and summer coming, now is the time to kick a leg over a bike. Why ride a scooter when you can be on a bike and get the same gas mileage?"

Royal Enfield Bullets get superb gasoline mileage, but your mileage may differ. Eighty miles per gallon? Maybe not, but I can practically guarantee you 70 mpg.

I still don't believe Americans buy motorcycles to save gasoline. Americans buy motorcycles to burn gasoline, make noise and (they hope) impress women.

The ad gives the price as $6,995, which includes destination fees and two-year warranty.

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  1. My 2011 B5 got 59-60 mpg for the first few months. Then I installed a Givi Aerotech windscreen, and the mileage went up to 65 mpg. My travel is mostly at 65-70 mph on the Interstate, so I suppose that more typical owners, riding at more a more leisurely pace, would do a bit better.

    Of course, I didn't buy it to save gasoline. Maybe I bought this particular motorcycle instead of another one partly to save gasoline, but it would take years for fuel savings to make up the $6000 purchase price, and I'm not ready to become an all-weather motorcyclist. Being soaked, either with rain or with sweat from a ride home from work in August, isn't for me.


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