Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Royal Enfield dirt tracker at least looks fast

A street-legal Royal Enfield Bullet takes to the track.
A street legal Royal Enfield Bullet in a dirt track event?

What is so appealing about using an inappropriate vehicle for a task? This must be the reason people move mattresses on VW Beatles.

Just such a Bullet will compete in Dirt Quake May 19 at Brandon Speedway Stadium, Coventry, UK.

The event is sponsored by Sideburn magazine, which just posted a picture of the Royal Enfield in action, training on the dirt.

It is entered by "Chris," who was out at Rye House speedway practicing.

Afterwards, he commented  "I'm aching like a bastard this morning. Whouda'thunk wrestling a Bullet around would be such hard work? But it was also awesome! Starting to dream up plans of turning the Enfield into a tracker — plenty of weight to be lost, move the rear brake to the right hand lever... hmmm."

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