Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why buy a Royal Enfield? Ask the man who's selling one

Royal Enfield pictured with its ideal road.
Why buy a Royal Enfield motorcycle? Oddly, the best argument I've read recently comes from a man who has one to sell.

"It's as if you discovered that some company is still making mid-'60s Mustangs at a reasonable price," writes Doug, of Brentwood, Mo., in his CraigsList ad.

He's selling his 2002 Royal Enfield because he "got the bug for a bigger bike." Reading his ad, it sounds as though he hasn't work the bug for a Royal Enfield out of his system yet.

"The Bullet is the longest continually produced motorcycle model in history. It has the styling of an old Norton, BSA or Triumph because those were its contemporaries. This one, manufactured in 2002, is only very subtly changed from the original model.... This is a beautiful machine made just like it was when it was new."

Since he's selling, it's natural to conclude that a bigger motorcycle might be better, in his view. But, then, he writes:

"This clearly isn't the fastest, most powerful or technologically advanced bike out there. But if you want something with style and retro cool, this is for you. "

Mileage on his motorcycle is 3,600, but Doug advises that that figure is subject to change: he's still riding it.

Or, perhaps it already has sold; the ad has disappeared from CraigsList.

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  1. Anonymous3/14/2012

    If I question self why I buy a Royal Enfield?
    Since childhood I have seen Royal Enfield and it is running successfully till-date. And 350cc engine another reason.


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