Thursday, March 15, 2012

Royal Enfield Canada unveils its Chrome Cafe Racer

Chrome Cafe Racer from Royal Enfield Canada.
It's not a kit you have to put together: it's a motorcycle you can buy.

Royal Enfield Canada is advertising its Chrome Cafe Racer in a 60-second commercial posted on YouTube.

Brett Morgan, co-president of Origin Motorcycles, distributor for Royal Enfield Canada, described the new model for me:

"We have spent the better part of a year with a company in India designing a café racer. The café racer we came up with is called The Royal Enfield Chrome Café Racer. It is sort of a mix of the Clubman they use in the UK and the Continental kit (Royal Enfield USA) sells in the USA.

"The motorcycle is an Electra Deluxe with (special) handle bars, solo seat and exhaust. We have been careful not to sell this as a 'café racer kit.' Based on some research my business partner and I did at the motorcycle trade show last year, the public wanted to buy a bike. The consensus was they felt confused purchasing a kit."

Royal Enfield Canada's website gives the price as starting at $8,900, plus pre-delivery inspection, delivery and regional taxes.

The motorcycle certainly has "the look" and the commercial is great fun to watch, especially the close-ups. Can you identify the different parts shown?


  1. Anonymous3/17/2012

    Mmmmn ,A shiny tank and seat with ace bars .Then one looks for rearsets but doesn't find them ,how in the blue blazes do these Canadian nincompoops think that a chap is going to ride this thing for more than 15 minutes - eh what ??????? [Mebbe Canadians always assume that position - one wonders ]
    One also hopes that one is going to get some engine modifications for 8,900 canadian rupees ,by jove .
    Harumph !
    Your servant ,
    Maj Bunty Golightly MBH , Defender of the Kickstart.

  2. David Burgis3/19/2012

    The Tank and seat bars look OK and yep no rear sets ! the exhaust has to go swept back pipe or stock would still look good but a Goldie style muffler is more suitable for this package, It would be a nice looker now how about a price $$$$ on this kit for owner,s who all ready have Royal Enfields.

  3. According to Brett Morgan of Royal Enfield Canada: "The cost of the kit will be $2,600 CAD. We expect to see delivery the second week of April."


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