Monday, March 12, 2012

Royal Enfield won on 'Let's Make a Deal' now up for sale

Royal Enfield C5 on "Let's Make a Deal."
Congratulations! You've just won a free Royal Enfield motorcycle! Now what are you going to do about it?

If you're the contestant who won it on the television game show "Let's Make a Deal," you're going to try to sell it.

The 2011 Royal Enfield C5 is for sale on CraigsList in Los Angeles. Asking price is $6,000.

"I won a 2011 Royal Enfield Bullet Classic C5 on the game show 'Let's Make a Deal' (I have the video to prove it)," the ad reads.

"As I am not a motorcycle driver, I am selling it. It is remaining on the showroom floor so you would be the first owner and driver of this vehicle. The retail cost is $6,695 not including taxes, fees, or registration. The cost of $6,000 I am asking will cover everything for you and won't have to pay any more. I have the number of the general manager of the dealership you can speak with if you have any questions or want confirmation on this deal as well."

I wrote, introducing myself as the author of this blog, and requesting details, but there was no answer. Based on the photo from "Let's Make a Deal" included in the ad, it's apparent this really happened.

Of course I am jealous. But  understand the non-rider must take action. points out that contest winners must pay state and federal income taxes on prize winnings. The value of the prize (computed at its full retail price — the sticker price) is considered income. Not only do you have to pay taxes to the federal government, but you also need to pay state income taxes.

"Let's Make a Deal" is filmed in California. "Therefore California's high tax will be deducted from your prize," concludes.


  1. Anonymous3/12/2012

    Taxing a chap's Enfield is disgraceful.
    Ruddy taxes, methinks 'tis time you Americans rose up in revolt !

    Your servant
    Bunty etc .


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