Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Coolest custom Royal Enfield on the Planet unveiled

Royal Enfield custom by Rick Fairless is named "Myrna."
UPDATE: Check out the great close-up pictures on the Cyril Huze blog.

It's the "Coolest Royal Enfield on the Planet." That was the intent of builder Rick Fairless, best known for the tie-dyed super choppers produced by his Strokers Dallas shop. It was unveiled Saturday at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Dallas, Texas.

According to Royal Enfield USA, it is just the first of a series of custom Royal Enfields that will roll out at motorcycle shows across the nation.

The Rick Fairless custom Royal Enfield is named "Myrna," for Myrna Loy, a "sweet yet sassy" film star of the golden age of Hollywood, a favorite of Rick's.

Like the film star (one of my favorites, too), Myrna the Royal Enfield strikes me as pretty and smart but not overly endowed, if you know what I mean. Rick didn't go with the super stretch many of his choppers feature. I like that.

Myrna started life as a Royal Enfield C5 Bullet — a fine looking motorcycle — and she still looks it.

The motorcycle was unveiled by Rick's daughters and two of his "bikini girls." Here's the video:

There's more to come. According to Royal Enfield USA, Doug Douglas Motorcycles of San Bernardino, Calif. will unveil a custom Royal Enfield at the Long Beach motorcycle show this weekend, Dec. 9-11).

Designer Dave Perewitz will unveil yet another Royal Enfield custom at the New York City show.

Here's one more shot, of Myrna's custom springer forks and fender, from a preview video:

Springer forks for Royal Enfield custom.


  1. Anonymous12/07/2011

    Wow, the RE has become the victim of slob-art. Golly gee, this guy in the tie-dye certainly is properly costumed as an "artiste". I'm just so impressed!

    Al in Philadelphia

  2. Matt Law12/08/2011's,uh...shiny...I'm sure that someone out there will love it...just not me...I do like the springer,though...


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