Friday, December 9, 2011

Royal Enfield dealer unveils flat tracker custom

Never mind the spy photo (below). Here is a great shot of the Doug Douglas custom.
UPDATE: Art Guilfoil of Doug Douglas Motorcycles has provided a great photograph of the custom flat-tracker (above). More on the flat tracker.

Spy photos of the latest in a series of Royal Enfield customs being unveiled at motorcycle shows this season are on the Royal Enfield USA Buzz Blog now.

Crowds at the Los Angeles International Motorcycle Show this weekend will see this Royal Enfield "flat tracker" custom. It was put together by San Bernardino dealer Doug Douglas Motorcycles. According to the Buzz Blog, this may become available from Doug Douglas in kit form for both street and track.

What does your dream Royal Enfield look like?

Latest Royal Enfield custom to debut is a flat-tracker look.


  1. Anonymous12/10/2011

    I rather suspect that this "special" was done by a new Enfield dealer who made the discovery that no one was beating a path to his door to purchase an RE. And so with an over-stock and the specter of sitting on too many unsold RE, he decided to butcher one to create one with a so-called "flat track look". Mind you, it's not a flat-track racer but just supposedly has the look of one.

    Al in Philadelphia

  2. Matt Law12/10/2011

    Well,I like's certainly better than that green and gold beast...nice work!

  3. Anonymous12/10/2011

    Hello Al. I'm Art. David Blasco told me by email he was posting the picture of our flattrack Royal Enfield so I saw your post this morning when I looked. Just a few bits of information for you...we are currently #3 in the nation for Royal Enfield sales. We've sold a fair amount and really loving the bikes. We're a new Royal Enfield dealer in California just as ALL RE dealers are "new". We've been in business since 1963 so we are hardly a new dealer in general terms.
    We've been working on the design of this bike for about a year. David featured it last December when he found a couple pictures I leaked out on I've been a flattrack racer for years and how to build one is certainly not lost on me. We made some specific pieces that were expensive and important in making this a REAL flattracker such as adjustable triple clamps that are annodized and then engraved in the top clamp with "Royal Enfield". These are not generic parts we threw at this bike. This is a serious effort. We look forward to expanding our sales and letting more people know that the Royal Enfields are rich in history and will continue to be a special bike. - Art

  4. Anonymous12/10/2011

    Gawd Art, I've "been told" by you in an undeservedly mannerly and gentlemanly way that leaves me only to say, "Art, good luck with your endeavors".

    Al in Philadelphia

  5. Anonymous12/11/2011

    Al your fair and honest observations deserved only respect. You were not malicious and I certainly would not have wanted to be any worse in return. Thank you for your kind words. Take care, Art

  6. Hi Art.
    I'm from India where most of us call this a beast.
    I myself have a 84 and the newish 2014.
    Happy to see such a beautiful modified.
    There's a gentleman in Bombay who does similar work goes by Bombay Custom Works.follow him on Instagram.he is done a nice one lately.
    I hope u visit India and watch some nice mods here.
    We are proud of the beast .And happy to hear and see you roar with it.
    Thank-you.and Thank you.
    Swapnil.chandawale@gmail. Com


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