Monday, December 5, 2011

2011 Mods vs. Rockers: Great motorcycle pictures

My Royal Enfield was running fine Saturday morning but it wouldn't be going along for the 2011 Mods vs. Rockers ride through the region around Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

The motorcycle and I only had time to sneak away from chores long enough to pay the registration fee, collect the t-shirt and grab some quick photos of the British motorcycles and clever scooters gathering for the event. I hope you enjoy them.

Scooter pilots roll past a Triumph Bonneville in custom paint.
A cliche? I don't care. The British flag looks great on a helmet.

The Union Jack adorns a headlight on this Triumph Speed Triple.

Appropriate plate.

Goggles and helmet await combat.

It is possible to make a scooter look fearsome.

"Killer Bee" packs ammo crates.

Little electric scooter has an appealing patina.

Pink is perfect, if she's riding a scooter.

This scooter pilot is prepared for the worst.

Blood-red spokes and a white wall tire. A great look.

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  1. Matt Law12/06/2011

    Looks like fun...wish that I could have been there!


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