Wednesday, October 27, 2010

He'll make a custom café racer jacket to your design

Mike Woulfe attended Saturday's Mods vs. Rockers event in Fort Lauderdale dressed to rumble. He wore a leather jacket he decorated to his own design.

And he's willing to make one for you, to your design.

According to his website:

"I'll even use your patches. Let's work out a design by phone or email, and send it to me. I do top quality work. I open the jackets at the bottom seam and do all sewing and mounting of studs without damaging the lining. And, studs placed around the collar are folded inside so you can't see the unsightly stud legs if you wear the jacket with the collar up. Once all the decorating work is done, I resew the bottom seam of the jacket with my 90-year-old Singer 96-10.

"I will usually have one or two ready to go jackets on eBay. I also usually have one or two undecorated jackets in stock, ready to design. Most jackets cost me $120 to $150, and are good quality jackets sold through Jammin leather or

"I don't mark up the jackets. You're paying for my labor, and the patches. A basic decoration with around 100 studs, one large patch, and four small patches will add another $100 dollars to the base cost of the jacket.

"The last jacket on eBay had more than 400 studs and quite a few patches, and cost $400. Now you're getting the idea."

Woulfe is a longtime South Florida radio newsman and motorcycle enthusiast. He has made a study of the clothes worn by the original rockers. The young British riders of the '60s imprinted their sense of style on café racer society.

His reading of history is that the rockers' famous clashes with London's mods weren't that violent.

"Nobody got killed. These were working class kids and they had an attitude. There were fights but there always was someone there to say 'OK, that's enough,' and it would be over."

Saturday's friendly Mods vs. Rockers event paid tribute to the styles, motorcycles and scooters of that era. And there's no better way to show a little attitude than a leather jacket.


  1. How can I get a hold of the guy that makes custom cafe racer jackets?

  2. Michael Woulfe's email address is


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