Friday, October 29, 2010

Royal Enfields get attention in California,
Orange County Register notes

New Royal Enfield motorcycles are on sale in California at last. Orange County Register reporter Brittany Levine discovered them at San Clemente Scooter and Cycle Supply, Orange County's only Royal Enfield dealership.

Owner Chris Smith told her that the new Royal Enfield is "just a magnet" for customers, with older ones coming in to reminisce and younger ones attracted by the style.

The reporter was kind enough to quote me as well. I pointed out that Google Analytics used to show that most readers of this blog were in New York, with California far behind. I used to joke that my only readers in California were my dad in Van Nuys, and the rest of my family scattered around Los Angeles.

No more. Today, the biggest readership of this blog is in California, by far. It's an indication that Royal Enfield motorcycles are of tremendous interest in the state that sets the pace for motorcycle sales in the U.S.

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