Tuesday, October 26, 2010

When you park, where do you park your helmet?

When I start my Royal Enfield Bullet I like to keep it running until I get where I'm going. It starts reliably, but why tempt fate?

So Saturday's Mods vs. Rockers ride was a true Maximum Test for the Bullet. Like most "poker run" style events, Mods vs. Rockers included more stopping and chatting than running and riding. The Bullet never stuttered, so my biggest challenge became where to put my helmet and jacket while chatting and eating.

The cleverest idea, I thought, was the woman who pressed a parking meter into service to hold her crown.

For most, though, it was a matter of "perch and pray." Pray, that is, that the massive plastic helmet does not crash, smash and dent a fender on the way down.

Some modern helmets are so huge they dwarf the motorcycles they adorn. How big is this man's head?

This Triumph owner seemed to find a more secure spot on the passenger pillion.

Even more original, I thought, was the guy who used his tail lamp assembly to hold his helmet. At least it doesn't have far to fall from there.

Of course, if your headpiece is a vintage one, complete with goggles, it looks perfectly fine and very dramatic no matter where you proudly pose it on the motorcycle.

But check this out: This Honda owner has made a prize display out of the common ploy of hanging the helmet by its strap from the handlebars, like a bucket. The helmet is color coordinated with the motorcycle, and look at the demure white gloves! Very cool.

White gloves would not be practical on a British motorcycle, and I include this shot of a BSA not just because the helmet is securely stored, but because I particularly liked the handy rag wrapped in Velcro, perfect for wiping the hands after encountering a spot of motor oil.

The scooters along for the ride generally did a better job of stashing helmets. Vespa seems to have thought of everything, including an under-seat hook that neatly enfolds a helmet in the bodywork. The owner offered to remove the helmet so I could get a better shot of his machine, but it was the helmet I liked!

Where do you park your helmet when you park your bike?


  1. Anonymous10/26/2010

    Hanging the helmet by the strap from the bars was my solution until recently. I attended an event predominantly populated by Harley riders and came back to my Enfield to find someone had left me a half-eaten sandwich in my "bucket". I don't get the brand-bigotry.

  2. I bring my H-D modular helmet with me - I'm afraid it'll either get swiped or scratched if I leave it with the Sporty.

  3. Like Steve, I tend to be a little paranoid that my helmet will get swiped. Perhaps it's an unfounded fear, but it still encourages me to typically bring my helmet with me when I leave the bike. At times, however, I have attached the helmet to one of the plentiful arms on the body of my '09 Military using its straps and, at times, securing it with a small padlock through one of the metal strap loops.


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