Monday, July 26, 2010

This Royal Enfield blog now on Facebook;
and why you can trust what you read here

My recent posts on Royal Enfield coming to California prompted one reader to ask "Are you a traveling correspondent on assignment for Classic Motor Works?"

That sounds like a great job to have. But I haven't got it.

I am lucky to be able to attend Royal Enfield events in California because I have family in Los Angeles. Visiting them justifies making the trip.

The other night my wife, a professor of multi-media journalism, helped me set up a Facebook "Fan Page" at

"Why do I need a Facebook Fan page for my blog?" I asked.

"So people can read your blog posts on Facebook," she answered.

"Can't they just read them on my blog?" I asked.

"This is for people who live in the Facebook World," she said.

So, greetings to all of you in the Facebook World. How is the weather there?

Creating the Facebook Fan page did require an interesting exercise. I had to define my "brand." Here is what I wrote:

" is your channel for cheerful news about Royal Enfield motorcycles in the United States. I write about interesting Royal Enfield people and motorcycles and list Royal Enfields offered for sale in the United States. is an independent blog not connected with Royal Enfield, its distributors or dealers. Opinions expressed here are my own and those of readers who comment on what I have written."

This is your assurance that what you read here is the truth, as I know it.

Perhaps you've heard of some bloggers accepting gifts or the loan of vehicles from companies they write about. There's even something out there called "pay per post." None of that here.

Full disclosure: here's what I've been given so far by Royal Enfield.

1. A free pair of turn signals, sent unsolicited when I "complained" that mine broke after "only" 40,000 miles. I disclosed this at the time here.

2. I was treated to dinner when I joined Royal Enfield dealers for a training session on the new UCE engines in Faribault, Minn. in 2009. I got the corporate rate at the motel, too, but I paid for that and my fare to and from Faribault (probably a lovely place to visit any other month than February).

If you're disturbed that I offer "cheerful news about Royal Enfield motorcycles," don't be. I only mean that I don't do this to make myself unhappy, beat any drums or to settle any scores.

This is a "fan" blog. I wouldn't bother writing it if I didn't like Royal Enfield motorcycles. You probably wouldn't bother reading it if you didn't like them, too.

I hope you'll ride along.

By the way, if you'd like to see the Professor's latest creation, check out Florida Rambler, a web site devoted to hiking, biking, canoeing, camping, trails, parks and other outdoors getaways in Florida.


  1. I should probably ask the professor, but on Facebook, when I "like" the new, does that mean I am now subscribed and a fan? I guess you're trying to reach the younger generation with Facebook!

  2. Yes, you are! Thank you for enlisting.


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