Friday, July 23, 2010

Royal Enfield at home among vintage bikes
at California vintage motorcycle show

Royal Enfield sponsored the Venice Vintage Motorcycle Club show July 11 in Venice Beach, Calif. Royal Enfield attracted me to the show, but there were plenty of other motorcycles to see as well. Here are pictures of some of my favorite vintage motorcycles.

The event was held at a venue called "The Yard." If you look very closely at the picture below you will see Royal Enfield head of industrial design Singaravelu "Siva" Sivakumar, in a white shirt, with his camera to his face shooting a picture.

I wonder what he's photographing? Would it give us some idea of what he's thinking of for Royal Enfield motorcycles of the future?

To my surprise, the show featured quite a number of Whizzer type motorized bicycles, some possibly genuine but others modern tributes to the idea. The fellow above whizzed through the crowd at a mad pace, reaching down to adjust something as he rode. Some skill required here.

Best display, in my opinion, was the Cro Custom Motorcycles stand, which included a surfboard as a prop. Bikinis and motorcycles seem completely appropriate in California.

Completely appropriate was the suitcase strapped to the tail of this 1960 BMW R69 sidecar outfit. I don't care if it's not waterproof: vintage luggage looks great on vintage motorcycles. I'm keeping an eye open now every time I visit my local thrift shops.

It's not vintage, but this leather tool bag found an interesting place to ride. Put it this way: you never need the tools when you are standing up, do you? Might as well have them down near the belly of the beast where you can reach them.

And, finally, although not a motorcycle, I doubt anyone objected to the presence of this 1932 Morgan Aero Sport three-wheeler. Few other machines put the motor on display like a Morgan trike, and few leave it less adorned.

The Morgan answered the question: "How can we build something that will be scarier and less practical than a motorcycle?"

What fun.

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