Friday, May 21, 2010

Royal Enfield theme pub in Redditch
is a great idea, but I had it first!

The history of Royal Enfield motorcycles is the theme for a new pub opening May 28 in Redditch, England, birthplace of the brand. The Redditch Advertiser reports that it will be called The Royal Enfield.

"The new pub will specialise in real ales, serving a wide range of beers, including those from local and regional brewers, as well as an exclusive ale called The Bullet brewed by Stourbridge-based Sadler’s Ales," the Advertiser reports.

That's good enough for me. One more reason to put Redditch on the list of places I want to visit next time I can afford to cross the Atlantic.

I am a little distressed that "there will be music throughout the evening from 5 p.m. as well as a DJ on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights." Hopefully there will be no karaoke.

My taste in drinking establishments runs to quieter nooks. In fact, when I started this blog, it was as a fictional account of an imaginary bar I called the Three Down. Located somewhere in the United States, the Three Down was noteworthy only because only one brand of beer was on tap and it was never revealed what kind it was.

The name Three Down was inspired by the way the gears worked in Royal Enfield's Albion transmission. My fictional account revolved around the tensions in the bar between old-timers and those who had just discovered Royal Enfield motorcycles. I meant to mirror the flame wars that used to happen (and still smoulder) on Yahoo groups devoted to the brand.

My chief Internet consultant (my wife, a professor of multi-media journalism) advised me that blog readers prefer facts, not fiction. I gave it up, no doubt for the good.

Still, if you're curious, you can read my Royal Enfield soap opera at these links:

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Last call, gentlemen!

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