Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pillion pad looks great on a Royal Enfield,
but a passenger might look even better

Alright, guys, put on that serious, attentive expression you use when your wife or girlfriend starts radiating storm warnings.

No sniggering! And that means YOU, in the back.

OK. Up for consideration today is the ButtyBuddy, a device of which I was unaware until a Google ad for it showed up here at Royal Enfield Motorcycles.

Nothing looks better on a motorcycle than an attractive passenger. At the same time, Royal Enfield motorcycles also look great fitted with the wide, sprung solo seat (for the driver) and the slim little nothing called a pillion pad, bolted directly to the fender (ooof!) , for the passenger.

The problem comes in convincing the attractive passenger to take a seat on a cushion the size of a business envelope and just as plush.

The ButtyBuddy is a real product (I thought it might be an April Fool's joke, but it's not April). And it solves a real problem. It goes into place, when needed, above the pillion pad, providing a wide basis of support for the attractive passenger's wide... errrr.

Stop that! You think this is funny? You try sitting on that pillion pad while I hit every bump in the road!

The ButtyBuddy web site features a video of an attractive passenger massaging her bum after a taxing ride on a pillion pad. This is not to be missed.

Also notable is the happy male enthusiasm about the scientific design (it's patented!) of the ButtyBuddy. It derives its effectiveness not just because it is broad, but from its all important shape.

You in the back, I am not going to tell you again!

Best of all, the ButtyBuddy ad enthuses, "the guy doesn't have to compromise the looks of the bike!" That's because the Butty Buddy attaches with suction cups and the attractive passenger gets a "tote" bag so she can carry it around with her when it is not in use.

She'll love that. Or, maybe not.

My suspicion is that the ButtyBuddy is NOT the ideal Valentine's Day present. In fact, if I were you, I would let the attractive passenger discover the ButtyBuddy on her own and bring it to your attention.

And, again, if I were you, I would NEVER refer to the thing as "her ButtyBuddy."

Cost is $149.95.

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