Monday, May 17, 2010

Let's hope your Royal Enfield motorcycle
isn't the first to FAIL on

John was never without his gas grill.

I haven't seen a Royal Enfield motorcycle there yet, but motorcycles do turn up with some frequency on the FAIL Blog, an online site devoted to making you feel better by showing you the preposterous things other people do.

My daughter Anna keeps me up to date on FAIL Blog's offerings. I've posted a couple of my favorites here.

Diesel motorcycles needn't be slow.

It's a little bit unfair that some of the pictures come from parts of the world where, of necessity, motorcycles are the way everything moves, including furniture.

Can't afford a Gold Wing?

I actually admire the ingenuity of the fellows moving the chair.

Still, my ambition in life is to never, ever, turn up on FAIL Blog.

Just another crotch rocket.

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  1. Ha! Hilarious! I can't believe this guy thought this was an acceptable way to move a grill!


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