Friday, May 14, 2010

For sale by mother: Royal Enfield
and the sidecar her son outgrew

It's surely the best reason I've heard for selling a Royal Enfield motorcycle and sidecar: "Being sold because the boy the mom bought the sidecar for no longer fits easily in it!"

Shawn, of Montgomery, N.Y., is selling a 2003 Royal Enfield Deluxe and sidecar with 1,600 "gentle" miles. Asking price is $5,000.

I asked her about the unusual reason for selling. She replied:

"Ronan (my son) has enjoyed the sidecar, but at 12, he's as big as me and is cramped in it.

"I've only had it for a couple years, and have loved it. I put about 1,000 miles on it, which is hard to do without rattling your fillings out! The Enfield is my fifth motorcycle; most of the others were Japanese.

"I must admit, it is fun and classic, but lacks the modern reliability of the Japanese bikes. If I had a set of English tools and could work on the bike myself, I'd keep it!"

Montgomery, N.Y. is west of the Hudson, near Interstate 84.

Shawn's ad notes that the Velorex sidecar alone sells for $4,000, so she considers the asking price a bargain.

The ad says "It was garaged most of its life and has had two owners. First owner was over 80 and kept spotless records. Second owner is female and has continued to keep excellent records.

"Special bike for the enthusiast; not your average motorcycle!"

Not your average mother, either. Ronan, you are a lucky guy.

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