Saturday, April 3, 2010

Royal Enfield Motorcycles blog
hits landmark: now has 100 Followers

Followers Hank, Nadia and Leonard.

One hundred fans of Royal Enfield Motorcycles now officially "Follow" this blog, according to the little widget on this page. It is a proud moment.

I'd like to thank all my Followers for pushing this blog to this very special landmark. I am very happy that so many of you out there have taken a moment to express approval by hitting the "Follow" button.

What does it mean?

If you're a blogger, Following this blog adds Royal Enfield Motorcycles to your reading list of blogs you Follow. Plus, anyone who looks at your profile sees that you Follow this blog and they might consider taking a look at it.

Beyond that, it means... err... probably not so much.

Among my 100 Followers are me, my wife (twice, under two different handles), both my daughters and my father. Thanks family!

P.A. Aneesh of India is my 100th Follower. No. 99 was Desiree Ketteringham, of Tennessee, the subject of a post about her Royal Enfield Military motorcycle.

Of the other Followers, at least two are from the United Kingdom, one is from Canada, one from Ireland, one from Indonesia and only 24 or so are definitely from the United States.

The truly humbling statistic is that at least 34 of the 100 are, or appear to be (you can't always tell for sure), residents of India.

Since I live in the U.S. and am really only familiar with Royal Enfields and conditions here, it is flattering that people with far more exposure to India's motorcycle think this blog is worth reading.

Fellow blogger Jorge Pullin (of My Royal Enfields) and Chris Bartlett (Her Majesty's Thunder) are Followers.

My friend, screenwriter and wit Douglas Kalajian (the Armenian Kitchen) is a Follower. Malcolm Fisher (Midland Bullet Riders) is a Follower.

Children's book author and illustrator Ralph Masiello (Ralph Masiello's Labyrinth) Follows this blog. He's currently blogging about his Honda CB750 project.

Most Followers are men, and motorcyclists. But there are surprises. Take Nadia.

She's based in New York City and you can hear her sing on her Something From Nothing blog. Ah, you think, she just follows all the blogs she can, to plug her career. No, according to her profile, Royal Enfield Motorcycles is one of the few blogs she Follows.

Most Followers don't provide much profile information about themselves, but Indians, in particular, may brighten their profiles with a personal note. Tikati, for instance explains himself this way: "Rock star? Let's see how I make that happen..."

American Shannon T. Baker (who blogs at Backroads Buddha) gives a thorough profile description:

"Ever seen the T-Shirt that says I have the body of a god... Unfortunately it's Buddha? Well that shirt fits me, so to speak. In fact before she bought me the shirt, my daughter introduced me to one of her friends as 'my Dad, Buddha.' Potbelly, bald head and all I love exploring the back roads on my H-D Sportster Iron and sharing some of those adventures and discoveries with you. Hope you enjoy."

I'd like to echo that: I hope my Followers continue to enjoy Royal Enfield Motorcycles.


  1. Congratulations! You've done an amazing job capturing and serving the RE community.

  2. This is a GREAT achievement! Congratulations!

  3. Of course I follow this blog... it's like it's made for people who love Royal Enfields! oh, wait - it is!

  4. Anonymous4/05/2010

    I am not a "follower", but I follow and check in every night before bed. I am California dreaming for when RE is available here. Ready to buy, ready to ride.

    PS: Can you please remove Arnold? We have had enough of him here.

  5. Congratz....and glad to know tht I was the one who made it to the first 100...

  6. Yes it is nice to read.we in India also like to ride long but our conditions are different .Still tough roads and traffic does not reduce the craving to ride I am 62years old what Iam restructuring an old1990 bullet now and done .Happy riding.. only we cant rough ride aBulet Give its due always

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