Monday, April 5, 2010

Blindspot Cycles makes electric motorcycles
that look like real motorcycles should

Look closely: Blindspot Cycles' Honda Rebel conversion
has the look of batteries "under glass."

True believers hanker for electric vehicles almost regardless of how they look. Take the Nissan Leaf. Please.

In contrast, the individual styling of Blindspot Cycles would make me want one even if it was powered by a rubber band.

Blindspot takes classic looking designs from the past and recycles them with modern electric power. What is so refreshing is that they give you plug in power without looking like you're riding your wife's hair dryer.

So how much is that motorcycle, Mister? And has Blindspot considered converting a Royal Enfield to drink electric juice?

Chris Ravana, CEO of Blindspot Cycles, Fort Collins, Colo., graciously replied to my inquiry:

"Can't wait to find a Royal (Enfield) in my price range. I am a vintage junkie, and hate, hate the plastic spaceships!" he wrote. And, as for price:

"My bikes can come in from a simple conversion only at $7,000; light custom or restore at $10,000, or full custom at ?????.

"The trike I am building now will finish at about $20,000.

"I have seen some Royal (Enfield)s around but have not pulled the trigger on any. I hope to soon though."

But there's more good news. Daughter Anna first alerted me to Blindspot Cycles and asked how much they cost. She will be delighted to know that she doesn't have to shell out for an entire motorcycle this coming Father's Day.

"The clothing line will be going up on the website soon," Ravana, said, "and I hope people enjoy the line. There will be service shirts, T's, hoodies, and hats. The clothes are produced with eco-friendly materials, and are very reasonably priced for the quality of fabrics."

Given the style obvious in Blindspot Cycle's motorcycles, the clothes should be classic. Don't worry, Anna, I will send you a link as soon as they're available.



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  1. If it doesn't rumble, I'm afraid I won't be interested. Kudos to Blindspot, but if I was designing motorcycles, stick a nice Avon fairing over them to cover those ugly batteries.

  2. Posed on a cement block! With an ugly sheet of cardboard wrapped around the innards? Hmmm.


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