Friday, February 24, 2017

A quiet evening at home with his Royal Enfields

Simon and his Royal Enfield spend "An Evening In."
My recent admission that I dream about the new Royal Enfield twin inspired Simon Taylor of the UK to chide me a bit:

"Hi David, you only dream about them (Royal Enfields, that is!)?"

His devotion to his Royal Enfields goes far beyond mine.

While my Bullet sleeps in its garage, Simon attached photos that show his Royal Enfield Meteor Minor much more at home — inside his home.

Simon, known as "Scaleyback" on a variety of Royal Enfield Internet forums, put a lot of work into the photos. I particularly liked the scene of man and motorcycle watching television, with their choice of beverages at hand.

"I've got wine, bottle opener and a glass, Kevin the Meteor Minor has oil, a spanner and funnel!

"P.S. My Bullet 'Tornado' is on the TV screen!"

Nothing like "A Warm Engine on a Cold Night."
Although one is left with "That Morning After Feeling."
Marvelous as these photos are, you've just got to see Simon's video demonstration of the trafficators fitted to his Meteor Minor. Watch it all, and with the sound up!

Monday, February 20, 2017

A new look for RoyalEnfields.com blog

RoyalEnfields.com blog has a new look.
This blog about Royal Enfield motorcycles has a new look,

Thanks go to my daughter Erin, who had the blog title background redesigned to include mild-mannered me, a Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle, and the British flag.

Me because I am the author; the Bullet because it's a Royal Enfield; and the flag because Royal Enfields, made today by India, are still the closest thing to old-fashioned British motorcycles you can buy new.

I love the look. But there's another big change, too. The name of this blog is now RoyalEnfields.com, just like its web address. Easy to remember, I hope, for all you regular visitors.

Some people had taken to calling this "David Blasco's blog." I certainly don't mind, but that didn't make it any easier to find on the web. RoyalEnfields.com should get the job done.

Having trouble remembering what the blog looked like before the change? Here's an image, just for reference.

Yesterday's look.

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