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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Royal Enfields looking dapper in Rochester DGR

Royal Enfields take their places for 2015 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride.
Royal Enfield motorcycles ridden by dapper looking riders took part in the 2015 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride in the Rochester, N.Y. area.

"The Military model with the 'DGR '15' pedestrian slicer is a 2008 Bullet, and the other is mine — a 2000 Bullet," wrote participant Scott Wakefield. He sent the photos you see here, which were taken by John Frame and Rich Odlum.

Somehow, black and white just looks more vintage.
"We had 58 riders, raised over $6,200, and were the largest ride in New York, outside of New York City," Scott noted.

The Rochester ride left Java's Cafe at 16 Gibbs St. at noon, and finished up at Barbetorium, 333 Park Ave.

I suspect they had better weather there than I experienced on my Royal Enfield in steamy Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Proud to be a Royal Enfield.

The distinctive nacelle.

The Rochester, N.Y. route, in blue.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Unique Royal Enfield cafe racer with Trailblazer twin motor

700cc Royal Enfield twin makes an impressive cafe racer.
The remarkable custom cafe racer shown here combines an Indian Trailblazer twin-cylinder motor — built by Royal Enfield for sale in the United States in 1958 — and the frame of a Royal Enfield Interceptor.

Builder Scottie Usher calls it the "Blackhawk" and it's currently for sale on CraigsList in Aurora, Colo.

Tank honors both Royal Enfield
and Indian brands.
In his ad Scottie notes that his cafe racier is "slightly rare, 100 per cent unique!" He explained just how unique in a posting on the forum in May 2015:

"I started building this bike the winter of 2011-2012. I found it in a barn collecting dust, and it had been sitting there since 1993, when I saved it, and who knows how long it had sat before that.

"I slowly started fixing her up, finding out the magneto windings were bad and didn't run well, but later discovered that the motor had been gone through at one point, and then given up on. Over the last three years I converted the mag to a Thorspark electronic ignition, head gaskets, new Concentric carb, converted to 12-volt electrical, painted the bike twice, tires, tubes, clutch rebuild and on and on.

"This winter I decided to start converting from a bobber to a cafe racer. I custom shaped the tank myself, installed clip on bars and new controls, custom built the dual exhaust into a two-into-one exhaust, rear set controls, custom aluminum seat pan...

"The paint is black base coat with with gold and white pearl coat on top. The rear seat cowl and primary cover were dipped in hydrographics, and came out really cool.

"Finished off my primary cover... with some perforated stainless steel that I polished. I think it came out pretty good, I'm happy with it."

Custom open primary.
Perforated screen covers primary drive.
There are more details in his ad:

"When I built this bike, I was mindful not to disfigure the frame in any way so that it could be restored back to original if desired. The frame has been identified as a 1963 Series I Interceptor, and the engine as a 1958 Indian Trailblazer, which is why it is titled as a Trailblazer and not an Interceptor."
Despite the big motor, the cafe racer looks light.

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