Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pursuit of motorcycle is part of the fun

Wishing and hoping and dreaming about having a motorcycle is perhaps half the fun of having a motorcycle. Conversations on blogs like this one are all about aspirations. I want it; I got it; now I want to make it go faster, go farther, or look better. It's all very familiar.

Mike Keely's offer to trade a 1907 Encyclopedia Britannica he owns for a Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle inspired more comments to this blog than any in recent memory. I asked him to send us a picture so we can see what kind of teacher keeps an image of a Royal Enfield C5 on his classroom laptop, where students can see it.

"They were all surprised to hear motorcycles once looked like an Enfield," he writes. Indeed.

"Here is a recent photo of me," Mike writes. "You too may notice the close resemblance between Sean Connery and myself. Uncanny isn't it?"

Have we found Forrester?

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