Sunday, May 24, 2009

For sale: Royal Enfield 2-stroke motorcycle

Royal Enfield produced an unusual and pretty two-stroke motorcycle in the 1960s, putting a 250cc Villiers engine in its Crusader model cycle parts.

"It slotted into the Crusader frame as if made for it," author Roy Bacon wrote. A 1965 version of one of these Royal Enfield Turbo Twin motorcycles is for sale now on eBay in Hazleton, Penn.

The seller says it is all original, runs and rides well, and "everything works." He also notes it could use tidying up, and is missing the air cleaner. He includes pictures of cosmetic flaws. He says the bike has 2,865 miles and that he has had it about one and a half years. It was found in a barn, he told me.

The Villiers motor confers twin silencers on the little Royal Enfield, which had only one as a four-stroke Crusader. Bacon says a road test in Motor Cycle magazine found a 70-mph top speed. The magazine said fuel consumption and low down torque suffered but handling improved due to a lower center of gravity.

Two-strokes were in vogue at the time, however, and the purchase price was attractive. There is no denying that it is a sharp looking motorcycle. A sports version was produced with chrome fenders.


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    Hi Thanks for the pictures I am about to buy one for restoration.

    Jim, Nottingham , England


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