Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bonneville Bullet video tells Salt Flats story

Dan Holmes and his team put Royal Enfield into the record books at the Bonneville Salt Flats in September, 2008. Now Holmes has produced a video account of that improbable triumph. A taste of the production is on YouTube now.

Holmes told me he hopes to have the finished videos in hand Tuesday to begin shipping. You can reserve yours now, for $20, through PayPal to

"We are hoping to raise enough money to go back and that may or may not happen. I can tell you at present no sponsors are committed -- we are on our own," Holmes said.

The 2008 results (109.622 mph for rider John Szoldrak) were amazing enough from a single-cylinder motorcycle that was never designed for speed. Even the effort was heroic, given Holmes' own health problems and a lucky break when a sponsor found him.

Even so, Holmes left the Salt Flats thinking more records were in reach next time -- if there is a next time. A former Royal Enfield dealer, Holmes' DRS shop in Indiana was legendary in the early days of Royal Enfield's return to the U.S. Holmes not only sold the the Indian made Bullet motorcycles, he became a chief authority on them. He offered practical advice and marketed a "shift kit" that cured some of the ills of the notorious left-side shift bodge on motorcycles sold in the United States.

Previous contributors to the racing team are entitled to a bonus photo DVD at no additional charge, Holmes said. But be sure to ask for your bonus DVD when you order the video.

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  1. Anonymous5/23/2009

    Yeah thats what I call 'BIG FUN!'.. Great jobs guys..loved the videos on YT..will buy your movie ;-)... Next run is a must ;-)


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