Monday, February 2, 2009

The man who built his own V-twin Enfield

The young man who built his own Royal Enfield V-twin motor and posted video of it running on YouTube was nice enough to send me some details about himself. Aniket Vardhan writes:

"I am in Columbus, Ohio and have lived here for six years but as you probably guessed from my odd name, I am originally from far away -- from flaming hot and spicy New Delhi to be precise. I came to the U.S. in '99 for a master's degree in Industrial Design, after that, bit of work, then became an assistant professor of Industrial Design at an art and design school in Columbus. Just quit that job in July '08 when it became patently obvious that my heart was elsewhere.

"I had been working on the design and wood patterns on weekends and evenings while I still had the job, but after quitting, I worked on it a lot more. Began to work part time at a machine shop (owned by the dad of a former student). They were amused and sufficiently convinced that I was careful enough to not chop off my limbs and they ended up giving me my own key to the shop!

"Honestly, it was like being given the keys to the city. I realised that lathes and mills were my adult candy store and I took to them like they were long lost friends. I taught myself how to get stuff done, and ended up a few months ago working part-time for the shop and working on the engine in the evenings. It ended up 12-13 hours a day at the shop, sometimes till 2 a.m., but boy, did I have the time of my life!

"I realised the oft-repeated, simple truth that you hear often, but can only be understood by actually experiencing it: if you are working at something you truly love, it doesn't feel like work! I'd get home at midnight, still quite charged and impatient to get back in there the next day!

"Can't wait to get that lump in the frame, and you will definitely see and hear it move!

"With warm regards and heartfelt thanks,



  1. Anonymous2/02/2009

    This guy is an inspiration and gets all my respect. Great article David. Keep them coming!


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