Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Vintage motorcycles shine in Florida sun

1950 Imme (German) carries a spare wheel and tire.

My Royal Enfield Bullet took a "First Available Parking Space" award last weekend at the vintage motorcycle show in Dania Beach, Fla. True, this was a self-awarded honor. The Antique Motorcycle Club of America Everglades Chapter assigned real winners in categories honoring American, British, European and Asian motorcycles.

Winning Brit was Triumph TR6C SR.

A 1965 Triumph TR6C SR took first place in the British class. The owner generously pointed out that the 1967 TR6C parked next to him was just as perfect.

Proud tank of 1965 Triumph TR6C SR.

The club also exercised great common sense. The 1911 motorcycle entered had already won a prize so the award for "oldest" motorcycle went to a 1929 Indian Scout.

British competitors muster around Union Jack.

The award for "Most Unique" went to a motorcycle I would not have believed existed had I not seen it. The 1950 Imme carries a spare wheel and tire! It also had a very neatly fitted tire pump.

I am a sucker for low mirrors and bar end lights.

Bullet lights on 1957 AJS casquette.

This was the third year for the Dania Beach event and 87 motorcycles were entered, almost triple the number of the year before. Harley-Davidson was well represented, of course, but British motorcycles abounded. There was a nice line up of Japanese motorcycles, but only a few BMWs.

1971 Velocette only a mother could love.

Mine was the only Royal Enfield on hand, even in the parking lot. This was an event for vintage motorcycles that actually are old, and my 1999 machine wasn't eligible to enter. But it wasn't the only bike doing mundane duty. A lovely 1952 Vincent Black Shadow was helping prop up its owner's art show tent. A concrete block would have done as well but the owner just smiled when I asked about it.

It was a sunny day, a good day for a low-key motorcycle show.

Vincent Black Shadow props up booth.

Winner of "First Available Parking Space" award.


  1. Congrats on taking the prize! Great photos too.

  2. Anonymous2/03/2009

    Yeah, great photos!

  3. Wow, I would have LOVED to have been there...all those amazing bikes!

  4. Always love to see our beloved Vincent motorcycles on other web sites. This particular Black Shadow has the chrome crash bar up front - possibly set up as a sport tourer. If you like Vincents please vosot our site for lots of info and great Vincent motorcycle photos.


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